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Pros and Cons of Living In Sarasota

Pros and Cons of Living In Sarasota


Pros and Cons of Living in Sarasota Florida,

Watch my video to hear all about the Pros and Cons of Living in Sarasota.

If you are thinking about living in Sarasota here are a few things to know.


  1. There are lots of housing options.  You can choose from historical homes, modern condo’s, acreage estates, as well as waterfront homes. The average cost of a home in Sarasota is still lower than some of the other popular Florida destinations such as Naples Miami.  in 2020 housing cost have increased by nearly 10% making this pro also a con for someone just moving to the area. With low interest rates buying a home now may be a great time.  


#2  .  You will have plenty of cultural opportunities to explore. In a typical year( not 2020) Sarasota host a variety of events, festivals, and activities. Sarasota Film festival is held in April, There is Sarasota Music Fest in the hummer and brings artist and guest from all over. Van Wezel performing Arts Center is top notch and the plays, musicians and comedies from across the country come to entertain. 

#3 .  Great health care. Sarasota is home to 4 hospitals and they have all won award for their quality of work. Sarasota Memorial is one of the largest Acute care facilities in the entire state and it regularly receives recognition as being one of the best health care facilities in the United States.

That means for every demographic can benefit from this advantage. Whether moving to Sarasota as a young family or this is your prime destination for retirement health care options are abundant.


#4 Sarasota has a vast array of wonderful restaurants to consider. You can find food trucks to fine dining. Tiki Bars, Breweries, waterfront culinary cuisine. There are more seafood options in Sarasota and taking in a great grouper or Red Snapper is a must when in Sarasota.

  1. Out door living. This is one of my favorites parts of Sarasota and Florida. Year round we have outside activities. From walking along the beach to exploring Myakka state park there is something for everyone outdoor lover. Sarasota has over 90 private and public golf courses for all levels of play. Tennis and pickleball courts are all around. A few favorite places for exercise enthusiasts are Benderson Park, the Legacy Trail as well as walking the Ringling Bridge between Sarasota and Lido Key.


  1. There are over 250 days of sunshine and even on those days that rain is forecast don’t cancel your plans immediately as storm showers tend to pop up and disappear quickly. The average temps in Winter are rarely below 70 degrees and you never have to shovel snow.
  2. Sarasota is centrally located in the state of Florida. Due to Sarasota’s location it is easy drive to get just about any part of the state. It is 3 hours to Miami, 1 hour to Tamp and 2 hours to Orlando. There are multiple state parks in the area to visit and a trip to the Everglades is a must. 
  3. There is NO STATE income tax. This is why many call Sarasota home once they have retired. Property taxes are lower than in many states and average between 1 and 1.5% of homes value. 

With the adding saving cost of being able to enjoy many cultural events and outdoor activities at little or no cost there are many cost savings living in Sarasota.

  1. There are neighborhoods of every lifestyle. 

    Be sure to watch my other videos to find out more about the lifestyles and real estate in Sarasota. 

Now for a list of Cons. 

  1. Rental Cost are high in Sarasota and the cost continue to rise as our homes values are increasing. According to Rent Cafe the average rental in Sarasota is 1400 per month.  The average salaries tend to be lower than many other places throughout the U.S. and many individuals have taken a bit of a hit in salaries when moving to our area.
  2. Traffic can be disruptive. Especially during the winter months as our population swells with snowbirds and many on vacation.  It is good to budget a little extra time during this time of year..
  3. Hurricanes and Tropical Storms. Hurricanes season is June 1st through November 30 with the peak season coming in Sept. 
  4. Humidity. If you don’t like the heat then Florida is not for you. During July and August it is hot. Luckily we have lots of swimming options to cool off.
  5. Housing cost are rising. As previously mentioned the home values have increased by 10% this year and continue to rise.
  6. So this last con is not something people talk about but I believe it is well worth noting and I wish someone would have told me.  Although we are surrounded by all this beautiful water our water taste bad.  You will need to have filtered water when living in Sarasota so keep that in mind.

So what are your favorite or least favorite things about Sarasota. Make sure to comment below and if you have any questions about Real Estate do not hesitate to call or email me. 



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